Video tutorials on evaluating websites

Evaluating websites is an important part of becoming information literate, but can videos help to get the message across to students?

There are quite a few videos on YouTube about evaluating websites and luckily some of them are from libraries and academic establishments.

Here’s a selection of some of the better ones …

Info Literacy 10. Evaluating Information Sources is part of the excellent series of Information Literacy tutorials from Bob Baker of Pima Community College.

It covers the criteria that you need to apply to evaluating both traditional and open web resources, including authority, timeliness, bias and accuracy/credibility of content.

Mainly a talking head interspersed with screen shots, tips to take away and occasional web search examples, plus a list of cited resources, suggested readings and further details.

Top notch content delivered in a traditional manner.

Evaluating Websites from the Oklahoma City Community College Library is part of a series of screencasts available via their YouTube channel.

This tutorial looks at domain names and introduces the ABC and D of website evaluation (Authority, Bias, Currency and Documentation) to get students looking behind an online resource to see what is really there.

Evaluating Websites from the David L. Rice Library is one of a number of screencasts and library specific guides on their channel.

This tutorial illustrates the use of the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why to evaluate websites.

Using humour is always risky but some have tried and whether it is the Library Fairy, Elvis Presley or even a Randy Weasel there appears to be an eclectic cast of characters out there that can help you evaluate websites – happy viewing!