Anatomy of a scholarly article

Each Virtual Training Suite tutorial tells students about the scholarly publication process, points them to key journals in their field and refers them to key databases where they can find more articles, but what happens after they have found a relevant scholarly article?

Anatomy of a scholarly article

Understanding the anatomy of a scholarly article can be difficult for new students. Fortunately, a number of library and information professionals have produced great online guides to help them.

Capella University has a comprehensive Roadmap to Information Literacy that includes a chapter on Reading for Results. Their Anatomy of a Scholarly Article guide breaks down a typical academic paper.

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article tutorial from NCSU Libraries is a nice interactive animation that shows parts of a journal paper and describes their function.

For more information on how to critically engage with the contents of academic papers, the tutorial on the Anatomy of a Scholarly Research Article in the Health Sciences from the University of Vermont has a step-by-step guide to the various components of a scholarly research article. Although it is designed for the health sciences, much of the advice will be useful to students in other subjects.