Links of the week

Here is a round-up of news items about information literacy, e-learning and the Virtual Training Suite as picked out by @VTStutorials on Twitter.

  1. Books vs. e-books: tale of the tape does one have to win?
  2. RT: @rscsam: RT @chris_hall: Librarians fight back against publishers propose free & open index to academic literature
  3. Anatomy of a scholarly article
  4. Explore the Roadmap to Information Literacy by @CapellaU at
  5. Studywell resources from QUT in Australia covers #infolit & general student experience
  6. RT @teachlearn HE funding mapped: HEFCE English University Funding 2009-10
  7. Library Staff Report Their Use of Online Tools less email, more social networks
  8. RT: @JorumTeam: See the six winners in the Jorum Learning and Teaching Competition: #jorumcomp10 #ukoer
  9. Google’s count of 130 million books is probably bunk
  10. Video tutorials on evaluating websites
  11. RT: @jiscdigital: “Why metadata REALLY matters for the future of e-books”