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Digital nations or virtual revolutions?

Two new TV programmes on the role of the Internet in our lives have started on either side of the Atlantic.

The Virtual Revolution is a four part BBC series presented by Dr. Aleks Krotoski.

It will look at how the Internet has changed society, politics, the economy and people.

The website includes all the videos used in the series which can be downloaded and remixed, a list of research links on Delicious and a blog supporting the series.

The first programme aired last night and some of the reaction in the Twitterverse seemed to be disappointed that it wasn’t a straight history of the Internet, but rather advancing an argument about the impact of the Internet on society that can be agreed / disagreed with.

Digital Nation is a PBS programme produced by Rachel Dretzin and Douglas Rushkoff.

It will look at how the Internet is changing the pace of life, our relationships, how we wage war, live in virtual worlds and how we learn.

The website includes more videos than may feature in the broadcast, online learning resources for parents / educators and a blog supporting the programme.

The full programme airs online from tomorrow, but from watching a few of the many clips, some people may question why it is still advancing the digital natives thesis, when the nomenclature of digital residents and digital visitors seems to better fit the evidence as to how people behave online.